Website Design

Website Design

We will create customised websites to fit your personal vision for your online home, while keeping in mind up-to-date web design trends to ensure you get the most out of the final product.

We create all of our websites with WordPress, meaning we can create your website at a lower cost compared to most traditional designers. Scroll down to our FAQ for more benefits of WordPress and our services. Click here to see our portfolio.

Whether you're updating the look of your blog, creating an e-commerce site, or setting up a web presence for your business, we've got a solution for you.

Our Design Process

First, we will discuss via email or over the phone what your web-design needs are, and what your expected timeline is for a completed website. After the initial chat, we like to meet our clients for a more in-depth chat narrowing down your exact requirements, what potential add-ons or services you would like to take advantage of if any, and so on. This chat will enable us to give you a quote which will send to you a few days later.

We take advantage of the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) when creating your website. Using WordPress means that once we hand you the keys to your website, you will be able to update your website and make changes to the content easily.

More than 1 out of every 4 websites on the internet are designed in WordPress, including sites like TechCrunch, Bloomberg, BBC America, Sweden’s official website and many more.

We design your websites with the ethos of "mobile first", as this is how most people access the internet now. We then ensure that your website is responsive across all platforms, meaning it will look great whether accessed from mobile, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

You can see a list of our previous clients here.

What sort of prices can I expect?

To get an idea of prices, we've put together the average price we have charged our clients so far. Whilst these can give you a guide, the real quote will follow after our initial consultation. These prices are inclusive of VAT, initial setup costs (web hosting and domain name), and 12 months worth of website maintenance.

These prices do include web-hosting and domain registration (common URLs only). If we're creating a e-commerce site for you, there may be additional costs for certain features (like accepting credit cards).

Clients who we have created websites for can claim a 5% lifetime discount for our web-hosting plans.

Small website
5 pages or fewer
Initial 1 hour consultation and quote
Customised website
Content uploading
1 year maintenance/security updates
Simple Graphic Design included if needed
Up to 5 pages (one-page/parallax included)
Email us for a quote
Medium size Website
5-10 pages
Initial 1 hour consultation and Quote
Customised website
Content uploading
1 year maintenance/security updates
E-Commerce integration
Google Analytics and Search Console integration
Simple Graphic Design included if needed
Up to 10 pages / Parallax
Email us for a quote
Large Website
10+ pages
Initial 1 hour consultation and Quote
Customised website
Content uploading
1 year maintenance/security updates
E-Commerce integration
Google Analytics and Search Console integration
Simple Graphic Design included if needed
10 pages or more
Email us for a quote

How will I pay for your services?

For new website projects, we will charge a 50% deposit of your quote as a deposit, whilst the outstanding fee is invoiced monthly from month two onward.

For any other work, we will invoice you monthly at the end of each month.

We prefer payments by bank transfer, but can accept cash or cheques depending on your circumstances.

How long will it take?

We tend to estimate between 6-8 weeks between our initial consultation and your completed website. This can be quicker or take longer depending on your feedback, your requirements, and any changes in design we make along the way. The website is finished only when you're happy with the result, and we will never hand over a website unless we're all happy with the result.

Will you host and maintain my site for me?

After completing your website as per your specifications, and you are happy with it and want to hit the on-switch and let the world see it, the website is all yours to do what you wish with.

In the first year of your website going live, we will ensure that your website is up to date with all its latest WordPress security updates, that your theme and plugins are updated, and that your website is backed up in case it goes down due to server errors or corruption, or in the very rare case get hacked. Our initial quote includes this service, however, from year two onward you will have to do this yourself - something we are more than happy to show you.

If you do not wish to do this, or you feel like your time is better used focusing on your website content rather than its security, we are can on this task for you. We offer a maintenance and hosting plan at £200 per year (£16.67 per month).* Which includes these updates, as well as your hosting, domain costs and more...

If you take advantage of our maintenance and hosting package we will ensure:

▸ Your website is hosted on a secure server with all the features you need for your website (£70 value)**

▸ WordPress framework, themes and plugins are kept up to date (£10/month)

▸ If any of above get discontinued, we will do our best to find a suitable replacement

▸ Weekly content and structure backups

▸ Spam comment management

▸ Creation of new email accounts

▸ Your domain ( and/or .com) is renewed yearly (up to £25 value)

▸ 5 hours of tech and design support (£150 value) through the maintenance period (yearly plan only)***

Note: If your website is hosted with another web host, we will generally charge £150 for the services above depending on the services and requirements of your host.

*If you'd rather pay monthly, the price is £20 per month.

**This assumes a yearly maintenance plan and that the website is hosted on our Base Plan. Please add £30/year or £2.50/month if the website is hosted on our Plus Plan.

***For any hours above the 5, we will invoice you monthly at a rate of £30/hour. You can use the pre-paid time for any design or feature requests for your website. For monthly plans we offer 30 minutes design/support per month, which will carry over up to a maximum of 5 hours per 12 month period.

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